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Darussalam Publishers

Darussalam is a multilingual international Islamic publishing house serving Islam in 35 countries for 25 years. Mission ۞ Presenting books free from sectarianism and in accordance with the Quran and the Sunnah. ۞ Producing books in concise, easy, lucid and comprehensive form. ۞ Keeping the prices of the books less than the global market prices. ۞ Maintaining the quality of books according to international standards. ۞ Working to develop a better understanding of different schools of thought among the Muslims. ۞ Presenting books written by the most senior Islamic scholars and authors. ۞ Editing of manuscripts by a board of senior editors. ۞ Supervising every stage of publication by a team of professional technical staff. ۞ Catering to the needs of the present-day problems faced by Muslims. ۞ Introducing educational devices for the learning of Quranic teaching through modern technology